New member of Regier Web Design

I join the ranks of the family business as a designer for Regier Web Design. Currently, I am working on an e-commerce site for Dr. Garry Regier; Vision

Here are links to websites we’ve done:

Dr. Garry Regier

Dabney Finch, Attorney








Out on the Deck…

Visit my Youtube page to see our newest videos.  Here’s what lunch looks like with my family…

Book of Us: a family document

My photo-book comes at an auspicious time; a time when I find the documents of my lineage fading faster than I remember.   Our hundred year old family album is in dire need of restoration and preservation.  I have begun scanning in each of the ghostly photo remnants and I will retouch and enhance my history as best as I can and, when complete, it will be available to view and purchase for my family members.